Avoid A Twindemic

Say Boo To Flu!

We are proud to announce that ALL of our Culver Pediatrics Center families have been vaccinated against seasonal influenza. We said boo to flu by vaccinating everyone before Halloween.

At Culver Pediatrics Center, our mission is to provide the highest quality primary pediatric care in Indiana to our patients. We also aim to work with the community to improve the lives of all children who live in Marshall and adjacent counties.  

In order to ensure that everyone in the community is protected against seasonal influenza, we are offering FLU SHOTS to all members of the community. We will work around families’ schedules to ensure that the entire household is vaccinated.  

You do not have to be a member of Culver Pediatrics to participate.  

Flu Shots Available through the Week of November 9! 

There is no administration fee to you and your household if your insurance covers the cost of the vaccine. For those without insurance or whose insurance plan does not cover the cost of vaccines, the cost is $30/standard dose and  $60/high dose (for >65 years) in cash. This is to cover the fee our vaccine vendor charges us per vaccine.

We will provide flu shots to the community while supply lasts through the week of November 9th. We use a shot blocker on all patients to reduce pain associated with the vaccine. Upon request, we will also apply a numbing cream to the area. 

Since we are a tiny, boutique, family-owned practice, an appointment is necessary to get your flu shots but our hours are flexible.  

Email us at info@culverpediatrics.com for more information or to schedule flu shot appointment.  

If you are not yet part of the Culver Pediatrics Center family, enter your contact information in the email opt-in below to receive more details about our membership-based concierge pediatric services.  

Enjoy this mildly NSFW One Direction Parody from ZDoggMD about the importance of getting your flu shot. It is an oldie but goodie. 


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