Our brick and mortar will be ready “pandemic soon”….

We are hoping the physical clinic will be ready at the end of October. Progress is happening! 

Due to supply chain delays….(thank you Corona!)…..our brick and mortar has come along a little slower than expected. We still see patients in their homes and provide unparalleled care, but we will be happy to have our clinic ready, mainly so our family can get our dining room table back. Currently our dining room table is doubling as a storage for most of my supplies! 

Our parking lot is ready except for the markings. And our little shingle is currently in production. The space that used to be our wine bar will now be our laboratory! The lab cabinets are finally in production after weeks and weeks of waiting. Considering I have been processing labs in my patients’ living room coffee tables and ottomans and kitchens……the Corona-induced delays have not stopped us! 

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