Post-Shot Day #0:

I have a confession to make. I am a total needle-phobe. When I get shots or lab draws, I get anxious and my hands get clammy. 

But….I still get my flu shot each year. And I got my COVID vaccine this morning! 

I am grateful to Saint Joseph Health System, my former employer, for providing the vaccine to health care workers. 

The process was efficient. I totally forgot to put EMLA cream before I left the house, so that made me extra nervous. But the MA was good, and even though the needle was larger than a typical one and the vaccine was cold, it was not more painful or uncomfortable than any other shot. I was a little sore a few minutes after. I am about 2 hours out from receiving the vaccine and o far I am feeling FINE. I barely feel the soreness. 

I will check in as the days progress to update any side effects. 

To be clear: I expect a fever, soreness, body aches, maybe even headaches. That is OK! It means my ribosomes found the mRNA, translated the spike protein, and my immune system has recognized the spike protein as foreign and is fighting it. 

Stay tuned!

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