There will be tears when I see her….

The last time I saw my mother was Thanksgiving 2019. I have never gone this long without hugging her. 

I have never gone one whole year in which I did not see her. 

This is an especially painful fact because after my father died in 2018, I swore I would see my mom several times per year. 

Then 2020 hit……And everyone knows the rest. 

We cancelled several trips we had planned to see each other including an Alaska cruise with my mom and sisters. 

It feels surreal. 

This picture was taken in Cuba in 2017. This was the last trip we took with my father before he died.

As of February, my mom and I are both fully vaccinated against COVID.

As soon as she got her second dose, I booked my flights to go see her.

I will be in Texas visiting my beautiful mother from April 4-10.


I will be available by phone, text, Telehealth for enrolled patients during that time. If an in-person visit is needed that cannot wait for when I am back, I have arranged for Dr. Joel Schumacher from Schumacher Family Medicine to see our patients. 

The clinic will be closed for flu shots, rapid COVID tests for non-members, and other non-patient issues. We can schedule virtual Meet and Greets for prospective families during that time on a case by case basis.

We aim to be the best pediatric practice in Marshall County, Lake Maxinkuckee area,  and the state of Indiana. If your child is not yet part of the Culver Pediatrics family, sign up in the email opt-in below to learn more about our boutique pediatrician services.


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