Is a concierge-style pediatrician necessary for a healthy child?

We LOVE that your child is healthy! Our goal is to partner with you to help keep them healthy and happy year-round. We strive to keep them that way by constructing a wellness plan which revolves around exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, positive parenting support, and overall well-being. 

At times you need parenting or discipline advice, Dr. Adame can be a sounding board for you. If your child gets sick or injured, no matter how unlikely, we are a quick text/email/phone call away.
One simple Urgent Care visit locally costs a minimum of $200 out of pocket not counting the added charges of strep or flu swabs, for example. All of this would be included in your membership. Even ONE trip to the ER with the best insurance can easily cost significantly more than the cost of membership. Our goal is to keep children out of urgent cares and emergency departments.
We are your children’s personal pediatrician: a small town doctor that is available to you like a member of the family. We are available by phone, text, Telehealth, and email when you have a question. We are there for your family should your child develop any health issues, big or small. 

Are you accepting new patients to the practice?

Yes, we currently have openings in our practice. However, space is limited in order to provide personalized care to each patient. Once the practice reaches capacity, families will be placed on a wait-list and notified when a spot becomes available.

Do you take insurance?

We accept patients whether they have insurance or not and regardless of their insurance plan. Culver Pediatrics Center does not bill insurance for any services they deliver directly or participate in any insurance plans. Culver Pediatrics Center is considered out of network for all insurance plans.

How do I join the practice?

Fill out the online contact form to receive more information including our membership package price structure. Dr. Adame personally contacts all prospective families prior to enrolling in the practice. This complimentary meet and greet provides an opportunity for both parties to determine if they will be a good fit for one another.

How do I pay membership?

Membership fees are charged to your bank account or credit card upon enrollment and monthly. 

Can membership be cancelled?

Yes, membership can be cancelled at anytime. Dr. Adame can provide you with a 30-day grace period to give you time to find another physician for your children if necessary. If you change your mind and decide to re-enroll your children with Culver Pediatrics Center, a re-enrollment fee of $350 per child will be charged to your credit card.

Are vaccines covered by membership fees?

Culver Pediatrics Center is an evidence-based practice, and we believe all children should be immunized following the CDC recommended schedule, unless there is a valid medical contraindication. We have partnered with Vaxcare to provide all routine childhood immunizations to our patients. Vaxcare bills your insurance for the cost of the vaccines.  If your insurance does not cover immunizations or if you don’t have insurance, we will not charge you extra fees to administer your children’s immunizations.

What steps do you take to reduce pain during vaccines and other injections?

While we firmly believe that vaccines are essential to keep children healthy, we understand the pain caused by the procedure, though brief, is distressing to children and parents. We use a topical anesthetic cream prior to vaccine administration to reduce pain. We encourage parents to breastfeed or give the child sugar water before and during the vaccine administration for pain control. We encourage parents to hold their child during painful procedures including vaccines. All of these are evidence-based interventions that reduce pain during vaccine administration. 


What services are not covered in the membership?

Membership fees cover any services we can deliver directly without involving a third party. Any out-of-office procedures, labs, or medical services from other medical providers such as specialist visits, X-rays, EKGs, or other imaging studies, and in-patient hospitalizations are not covered in membership and will be billed to your insurance by those providers. We do offer deep discounts for self-pay out-of-office labs, radiology, medications, and even specialists if you don’t want to use your insurance or don’t have insurance.

Do I still need insurance?

Yes, Culver Pediatrics Center is not a substitute for health insurance. If you choose to come to our practice you may benefit from choosing a different insurance plan. Please consult with a financial advisor or a representative from your insurance company to guide your plan choice.

If my child is admitted to the hospital will Dr. Adame care for them?

Children admitted to the hospital are taken care of by inpatient pediatric hospitalists, who are experts in hospital-based care. However, Dr. Adame will work closely with the inpatient team to optimize the care your child receives while hospitalized and to ensure a seamless transition upon discharge. Dr. Adame is an expert in acute pediatric care and a former pediatric hospitalist, therefore will be able to manage most acute illnesses in your home, unless there is high risk for deterioration.

What if my child gets sick when we are out of town?

Because the practice is small in size, Dr. Adame personally knows your child and their medical history very well. If appropriate, long-distance care, such as virtual visits and calling in prescriptions, can be utilized.

What happens when Dr. Adame is sick or on vacation?

We will do our best to notify families in advance of any planned absences. Dr. Adame may still be available via email, phone and text during her absence. In the event that she is not available by text, phone, e-mail or Telehealth during her absence, or if your child requires a sick in-office visit, Dr. Adame will arrange for a covering physician at no additional cost to you.

What is the difference between a concierge and direct primary care (DPC) practice?

While we refer to ourselves as “concierge” because the level of service we deliver is modeled after concierge practices in New York and Chicago, we are by definition a Direct Primary Care practice. While there are similarities between both models, there are also some differences between the two. Both the concierge and the DPC models charge a membership fee paid by the patient, or sometimes the patient’s employer. Concierge practices usually bill the patient’s insurance company for covered services, while the DPC practice relies solely on the membership fees to cover costs. DPC practices such as Culver Pediatrics Center, do not bill insurance companies for any services they provide directly to the patient and do not provide superbills. Concierge membership fees tend to be a little higher than DPC due to higher overhead.