A little thing called viral interference….

As a transparent, evidence-based practice, we make our policy on vaccines clear: We advise all of our families to vaccinate according to the CDC-recommended schedule.

While the benefits of doing so are obvious…..preventing encephalitis from measles….preventing overwhelming systemic streptococcal infection secondary to chicken pox….preventing death from meningitis….here is a new reason to fully vaccinate children:

Kids who got their flu shots were less likely to get really sick from COVID.  

Conclusion from the original article: “Seasonal influenza and pneumococcal vaccination may have protective value in symptomatic COVID-19 diseases. In our mixed population cohort, the patients were less likely to develop symptomatic and severe infections if they had received seasonal influenza vaccination in the current flu season and were vaccinated for pneumococcal vaccines.”

This is what the lead researcher had to say: “It is known that the growth of one virus can be inhibited by a previous viral infection,” said study author Dr. Anjali Patwardhan, professor of pediatric rheumatology and child health at Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia. “This phenomenon is called virus interference, and it can occur even when the first virus invader is an inactivated virus, such as the case with the flu vaccine,” she said in a university news release.

Soooo……Vaccinate your kids.

The last Indiana State Department of Health Influenza Activity Report indicated minimal influenza activity. The reduction in flu activity is of course a direct result of the mitigation efforts in place to curb COVID19 infection, and this data gives us another weapon in the arsenal against COVID. 

It is not too late in the season. Get your flu shot.

We currently have flu shots for the community, including for persons over 65 years. The recommendations are NOT to receive any immunizations two weeks before or after receiving the COVID19 shot, so it’s important to time shots around that framework.

Email us info@culverpediatrics.com for more details on our flu shot services.  

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Flu Vaccination May Have A Protective Effect On The Course Of COVID19 Infection In Children

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