Thank you to all in their pajamas….

I cannot believe we have been open for 1 whole month! I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the outpouring of support from the community, family, and friends.

Our clinic is still under construction (see pictures above) and will hopefully be complete in October. In the meantime, I have been doing house calls and digital care. I have done a lot of house calls this last month where I have seen patients (and their parents) in their pajamas! So lets get thanking…..

I first want to thank my wonderful husband/business manager/CFO Chris Gamel and the rest of my family for making sacrifices so I can practice the type of medical care that meets my high-standards.  

Thank you to Joel Schumacher from Schumacher Family Medicine. Two years ago I met him and almost in tears confessed I could no longer continue in the world of corporate medicine. Dr. Joel has given me advice, clinic supplies, and support throughout this journey.

Thank you to Always Happy Life Photography for partnering with me to offer a complimentary maternity session for families who sign up for our Prenatal Cocoon Package. This is a limited time offer. If you are expecting a new baby, check them out.

Thank you to the local businesses in town that allowed me to put up a Culver Peds poster on their windows or are displaying our business cards in their shops : Legacy Salon, The Collective at 120, Culver Coffee Company/Brockey Insurance, Max’s Playhouse, and Hole in the Woods Farm.

Thank you to other local practices, birth, breastfeeding, and health professionals that have networked with me as I build my team of partners: Milk Queens and Birth Queens, Health Coach Sandy, Bread and Roses Doula, Mosaic Health and Healing Arts. Please check out these amazing professionals.

Thank you to the entire Pediatric DPC/concierge community all over the country. Too many to list here that have been so supportive. I was so terrified to take this leap by myself. Well, it turns out I am not by myself. I have wonderful colleagues who are now friends who have helped me out, including sending me free supplies from out of state (127 Pediatrics and Cortez Pediatrics). When doctors leave the restraints of corporate medicine and focus on patient care and uplifting other doctors, the ones who reap the benefits are the patients!

Thank you to the Town of Culver, Lake Maxinkuckee community, Marshall County, various staff and faculty at Culver Academies for recommending me, the Culver Chamber, the Plymouth Chamber, the Fulton County Chamber, the Culver Citizen, and the Plymouth Pilot for your support. Thank you to RECON Media for building my website.

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