Since I am the practice owner, I will tell you yes. Read on to learn why……

I have a confession to make. Culver Peds is not technically a concierge practice. By definition, we are a direct primary care (DPC) practice. Both types of models charge a monthly membership fee, but concierge practices bill insurance companies for care they provide directly in addition to the monthly fee, while DPC practices do not bill insurance for any services. We don’t bill insurance for any services we provide, and we rely solely on the monthly membership fees to cover costs, so we are a DPC practice. As a general rule, concierge monthly fees tend to be higher to cover overhead such as spa-like settings and ancillary services such as massage therapy. However, the price points are not what determine if a practice is concierge or DPC. 

It’s that time of year when families are assessing their health care needs, costs, and coverage. If there is someone out there who is on the fence about enrolling their child as members of the Culver Peds family, I hope this information gives them a better idea of the value their membership adds to their family. 

Culver Peds is different than a traditional, fee-for-service, insurance-based practice. In addition to the benefits in this infographic, the #CulverDifference includes: 

  • Smaller practice size. We limit our practice size to cultivate a long-term, trusting relationship with your family and to get to know your children’s medical history well to deliver personalized care. The goal of a traditional practice is to see as many patients as possible each day, which has sadly eroded the trust between doctor and patients as families feel their doctor doesn’t listen to them or have time for them. Because our business model does not rely on funneling lots of patients through the clinic each day, we are able to earn your trust by sitting down with you, listening to you, and developing a treatment plan where the family is involved in the decision-making. While Dr. Adame is an expert in the medical care of children from newborns to young adults, we believe in family-centered care where your voice is heard. She uses her extensive training, knowledge, and expertise to guide your family in the best medical decisions for your children.
  • Direct access to Dr. Adame. We do not utilize a phone tree, answering service, or nurse triage line. At Culver Pediatrics Center you have direct access to Dr. Adame during and after hours by phone, text, telehealth, or email. You should think of Dr. Adame as your big sister that just happens to be a highly-experienced, board-certified pediatrician. If you have a medical concern, even after hours, no matter how small it seems, Dr. Adame is just a text or phone call away. There are no filters or barriers between your family and her caring touch.
  • Same Day or Next Day Appointments. If your child is sick and needs an urgent visit, we will see your child that day or the next day. As a former pediatric hospitalist at an urban tertiary care center, Dr. Adame is an expert in the management of acute illnesses in children. She essentially functions as an urgent care for practice members. We never want our patients to go to an urgent care and to an emergency room only for a life-threatening condition. She sees patients when they need her, including after hours, holidays, and weekends.
  • House Calls. We understand the challenges of leaving the house with a newborn, multiple children, or a sick child. We will see your child in the comfort of their home. We follow meticulous infection control practices to avoid spreading COVID19 and other infections.
  • Low-cost medications dispensed from our in-house pharmacy. We offer deeply discounted rates on medications for members the Culver Peds family.
  • Extended, Unrushed Visits. We offer extended visits so that all your questions about your child’s care and treatment plan are answered. Dr. Adame values teaching families as the cornerstone of preventative health. Unlike traditional practices, we have the time to invest in patient education. We have time to listen to all your concerns. We have time to develop a plan with your child’s personalized needs in mind.

We are grateful for every single family that decided to take a chance on a new model of care to join our practice. If your child is not yet part of the Culver Pediatrics family, sign up in the email opt-in below to learn more about our boutique pediatric services.  


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