A home-like, cozy, sanitary, safe environment for your family…

The Wait is OVER

The “No Waiting” Waiting Area

From the moment you park in our accessible parking lot, you know our clinic space is different than a traditional pediatric practice. First of all, Culver Pediatrics Center is located at our house. We converted the front part of the house into a clinic. This has given me the freedom to see patients when they need me, including holidays, evenings, weekends, and the middle of the night if necessary. 

Our waiting area is small and there is nothing fancy to it. For older kids, I will take their blood pressure in the waiting area so I can move away while the machine is reading. This helps reduce falsely elevated blood pressure due to “white coat syndrome”.

We don’t have a jungle gym, or aquarium, or flat screen TV, or coffee bar, or wine bar. That’s because we do not need those bells and whistles. If your appointment is at 2 pm, I will greet you at 2 pm and that is the time the visit starts. There are no multiple filters and barriers to wade through. The main reason the waiting area exists is in case I need to have a private conversation with a teen patient, I can send the parent to sit in the waiting area.

For privacy, safety, and hygiene, we only allow one family at a time in clinic.

Our weighing station is immediately inside the main part of the clinic. We have a portable infant scale and a “big kid” floor scale.

This is the main part of our exam room.  We chose to use a massage table instead of a medical exam table because it is lighter, has a slimmer profile, and will allow for in house X-rays. That is right! We have the ability to schedule X-rays at the clinic. We have already had families say the ambience is cozy and homey, which is of course exactly what we wanted. We want our families to feel at home as soon as they enter our space. 

Our private accessible bathroom is connected to the waiting area and the main exam room. 


I am so proud of our lab! Because we are COLA accredited and CLIA certified moderate complexity lab, we are able to provide a myriad of services to our families for their convenience and to save them costs. We can do in-house lead, hemoglobin, blood sugar, urinalysis, urine drug screens (for our children with ADHD who take stimulants), urine pregnancy tests, urinalysis, fecal occult blood test (to rule out milk protein allergy in infants), Mono spot, COVID antibodies, rapid Strep, rapid Flu, and rapid COVID antigen tests. We can also collect most urine, respiratory, and urological/gynecological testing to send them to Lab Corp for analysis. We collect newborn bilirubin specimens and send them to Lab Corp for analysis. 


When we first opened August 3rd, my “office” was our kitchen island, and all the supplies I had was what I could fit into Chente, my trusty mobile clinic bag. We were using our dining room table as our supply closet! In addition to doing house calls, there were times I would see patients in our back porch and driveway! So now that we have a physical brick and mortar space, it feels like the Smithsonian! Even though we are growing, we will continue to provide the exceptional, highly-personalized service our patients have come to expect from us. The clinic will give us more freedom by allowing us to be more efficient with time.

We will continue to do house calls for newborns, children to sick to travel to us, families whose abilities make it challenging to come to us, or any other reason on a case by case basis. 

We are so grateful to each and every one of the families who trusted us with their children’s medical care right from our humble beginnings.

We aim to be the best pediatric practice in the state of Indiana. If your child is not yet part of the Culver Pediatrics family, sign up in the email opt-in below to learn more about our boutique pediatric services. 


Culver Peds Closed April 4-10, 2021

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