Announcing a new video series…..

We are launching a new video series: Ask Your Big Sister Who Just Happens To Be A Highly-experienced, Board-certified Pediatrician.

In this series, I will answer frequently asked questions that I get from patients, parents, friends, family, and through social media. My answers will be based on the latest scientific evidence for that topic.

Full disclosure: I will answer like a big sister, which means I may be a little NSFW and uncomfortably blunt at times.

If you have a question you would like me to include in this video series, you can DM us or post a comment on Facebook or Twitter or email us 

The first question is : Should I give my child Tylenol before their vaccines? (Or its cousin: Should I take Tylenol before my COVID shot?)

Click on the video for the answer.

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Rapid At-Home COVID Tests

I am not a fan.....Click on the video for my thoughts on the use of rapid at-home COVID Tests.Resources: CDC Recommendations For Self-Testing  We aim to be the best pediatric practice in Marshall County, Lake Maxinkuckee area, and the state of Indiana. If your...

Culver Peds Closed April 4-10, 2021

There will be tears when I see her.... The last time I saw my mother was Thanksgiving 2019. I have never gone this long without hugging her.  I have never gone one whole year in which I did not see her.  This is an especially painful fact because after my father died...

In The Media This Week

We are more than a clinic....We had a media heavy week! Part of our mission is to improve the lives of all children in this area. We will use our platform to advocate for social, economic, and racial justice.  First, my Op Ed on the benefits of paying Hoosiers a...

Opening Schools Must Be A Priority

Improved mental health for parents and children.... It's been one year since our children were sent home from school, and I cetainly was delighfully naive enough to think that they would likley be back in a few weeks. Denial can be traitrous friend. The issue of...

Guidelines For the COVID Vaccinated

The more we learn..... I have had many friends, family, patients, and community members reach out to me with this question: What's the point of getting the vaccine if everyone still has to follow the same rules?  This question doesn't take into account the nuance of...

Which COVID19 Vaccine Should You Get?

The one you can get FIRST.....I have had many friends, family, patients, and community members reach out to me with this question: Which COVID vaccine should I get?  Some are concerned enough to wait until a site that has what they perceive as the "best" vaccine has...