Modern Medical Care, Old-Fashioned Service

We are Indiana’s first exclusively pediatric concierge practice. Our membership-based medical model is different than a fee-for-service, insurance-based clinic. 

Personalized, evidence-based, compassionate care for your children.

Our Chief Pediatrician and practice owner, Dr. Noemi Adame, left a career in corporate medicine to have the freedom to practice the type of medical care she dreamed of as a young medical student. Dr. Adame’s high standards for how she believes pediatric health care should be delivered drives our mission, vision, and core values. 

Our goal is to become the best pediatric practice in the state of Indiana. We do not answer to insurance companies. We do not answer to bureaucrats. We do not answer to a big box profit-driven system. We are only accountable to our patients and their families. We are here for you and your children. 

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The Culver Difference

Limited Practice Size

We limit our practice size to cultivate a long-term, trusting relationship with your family. We offer extended visits so that all your questions about your child’s care and treatment plan are answered.

No Filters

At Culver Pediatrics Center you have direct access to Dr. Adame during and after hours by phone, text, telehealth, or email. You should think of Dr. Adame as your big sister that just happens to be a highly-experienced, board-certified pediatrician.

Same Day or Next Day Appointments

If your child is sick and needs an urgent visit, we will see your child that day or the next day even if it’s after hours. As a former pediatric hospitalist at an urban tertiary care center, Dr. Adame is an expert in the management of acute illnesses in children.

House Calls

We understand the challenges of leaving the house with a newborn, multiple children, or a sick child. We will see your child in the comfort of their home. We follow meticulous infection control practices to avoid spreading COVID19 and other infections.

Continuity and Care Coordination

We treat every child like our own. Dr. Adame will see your child for every appointment and will coordinate care with subspecialists, schools, and therapists to assist you in navigating the complex health care system. She is your children’s voice, champion, and advocate.

Patient Education

Dr. Adame values teaching families as the cornerstone of preventative health. Unlike traditional practices, we have the time to invest in patient education. In addition to providing a robust anticipatory guidance program, we also individualize the care for the specific needs of each child.

Our Mission

We strive to foster healthy lifestyle practices and provide holistic, evidence-based medical interventions for infants, children and adolescents. We strive to build long-term, partnering relationships built on trust and mutual respect with our families. We believe in prevention of disease and promotion of healthy life-styles for all children.  We strive to be an efficient and cost-effective practice in meeting the needs of children during times of health as well as in times of illness. We are stewards of your most precious resource: your children. We aim to care for our patients as if they were our own family. 

Our Vision

We aim to be the leader in delivering high-quality pediatric care in the state of Indiana and work with the local community to improve the lives of the children in Marshall County.